Project Mineoid (Modded Minecraft SMP) — Episode 6: Animal Farm Automation

Welcome to Project Mineoid, a small Minecraft modded SMP server featuring a Minecraft modpack called Project Mineoid put together CynicaGaming. The server population consists mostly of other small Youtubers, but is also open to non-Youtubers as well. All the mods in this Technic modpack are compatible with Minecraft 1.7.10. In this series, we’ll be building all sorts of cool stuff and making full use of the large number of mods that make up this awesome modpack!

In this episode, we’ll be starting work on getting the main hangar set up and running. The main hangar and runway, idea stemming from LAX, is going to house the Flans Mod machines, as well as some fuel canisters and such. Each individual on the server will also have a chance to build their own hangars lining the runway.

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If there’s a mod you’d like to see added, please leave a comment below.

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Full list of mods in the Project Mineoid modpack:
Full list of mods in the Project Mineoid modpack:
• Advanced Genetics
• Aquaculture
• Armor Status HUD
• Backpack
• BiblioCraft
• Buildcraft
• Carpenter’s Blocks
• Chisel 2
• ComputerCraft
• Dirtbike
• DrZharks MoCreatures
• Extra Utilities
• Enchiridon
• Fast Leaf Decay
• Flan’s Advanced Weapons
• Forge
• EnderIO
• Forestry
• Hardcore Ender Expansion
• HarvestCraft
• Iguana Tinker Tweaks
• IndustrialCraft 2
• Iron Chests
• Just Another Better Barrel Attempt (JABBA)
• Microblocks
• MineChem
• Nether Ores
• Not Enough Items
• Omnitool
• Open Blocks
• Rotten Flesh to Lether
• Spice of Life
• Status Effect HUD
• Thaumcraft
• Tinker’s Construct
• Torch Levers
• Twilight Forest
• Walia

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