Outcasters online modded SMP: Applications are open

Alright today I am announcing the Outcasters online modded SMP (finally only 5 months of planning). So in a week or 2 expect chaos, space race, and mods (maybe sooner if I record the 1.8 shenanigans). If you would like to join we are going to except a few more people. You must upload HD content 720p at least, have high quality audio, be around our ages (16), and take the survey below. Hope you all enjoyed and remember to leave a like.

Survey: bit.ly/1BpIpAP

Texture pack is sphax purebdcraft

Outcasters online members
Outcasters SMP: bit.ly/1BpIoNo
Harry: bit.ly/1BpIog9
Pellzrr: bit.ly/1BpIp3C
Logan: bit.ly/1BpIp3D
Sam: bit.ly/1BpIp3F
Cob: bit.ly/1BpIpAV
Max: bit.ly/1BpIpAX
Zach: bit.ly/1BpIp3H
Carter: bit.ly/1BpIp3J
Josh: bit.ly/1BpIpRb

Contact me
Email: [email protected]
KIK: RythmereYT
Twitter: bit.ly/1BpIp3L
Twitch: bit.ly/1BpIpRd

Intro and outro music
Mesmerize – Tobu:www.youtube.com/watch?v=vViSeEUGM9g

Intro and outro made with flixpress : bit.ly/1BpIp3N