Cynical UHC: S1E02 – Mineshaft

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►Welcome to Cynical UHC S1! The Cynical recorded round consists of players from the /r/ultrahardcore subreddit who really deserve the spotlight. Each person has a different background and play style, which makes for a very entertaining and fun group!

►Ultra Hardcore is a variation of Minecraft where you do not regenerate health. Instead, only golden apples or golden heads crafted with gold ingots, or health potions made with a gold block can heal you. Players are forced to fight each other to the death in an intense PvP competition!

►This season of Cynical, we wanted to start of simple with a Blood Diamonds FFA! This means every man for himself, so each perspective is worth a watch. With the addition of Blood Diamonds, players have to find a happy medium in terms of diamond gear, as each diamond mined does half a heart of damage!

►Game Information and Rules

►Episodes are 20 minutes long and air every other day at 18:00 EDT.
And lastly, let’s all have fun and play together!







►Intro made by Burningtramps- the music used is “Indian Western Fusion” by Kjingo Music


►This series includes highlights from single games of ultra hardcore. Ultra Hardcore is a gamemode in which you don’t regenerate health unless you have a gold apple/health potion. The goal is to be the last man or team standing at the end of the game.

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