Aureus Pupillam UHC: S5E00 – Introductions!

►I apologize for the cicadas throughout the season, they aren’t that loud, but still noticeable. Welcome to Season 5 of Aureus Pupillam! This series was created by Heralen and Dibzcraft and it features many talented and awesome people from the /r/ultrahardcore community.

Ultra Hardcore is a Minecraft gamemode where a full hunger bar does not heal you. Instead, only golden apples or golden heads crafted with gold ingots, or health potions made with a gold block can heal you. Players are forced to fight each other to the death in an intense PvP competition!

This season of AP is a 22 player wished teams of 2 game with several changes.
First of all, we are playing with player paranoia, where every 20 minutes, players will be informed of anyone within 200 blocks of them.
The centre of the map has also been moved away from 0,0, and will not be announced until episode 6.

Also, apologies to latin speakers. We are aware that the title is grammatically incorrect, but we will keep it this way for the sake of consistency!

Go to to play in matches like these. You do not need to record to play.

Thanks to Krenzinator for creating the player paranoia plugin, and building the majority of the spawn!
Thanks to MrTeamRaven for providing the teamspeak!

Intro made by ShutUpBrick
Intro music suggested by FTWKittens

Intro Music: Magnifikate – Zeal



►This series includes highlights from single games of ultra hardcore. Ultra Hardcore is a gamemode in which you don’t regenerate health unless you have a gold apple/health potion. The goal is to be the last man or team standing at the end of the game.

►Thumbnails made by ThePixelFusion

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