“We Found Fun” – A Minecraft Parody of Rihanna’s We Found Love

Minecraft song “We Found Fun” in 8 total games! 🙂 Enjoy!

Download the song: bit.ly/1cWHrDw
Karaoke / Instrumental: bit.ly/1eP6pG7
With Sound Effects: bit.ly/1dzqSyh
Wallpapers(1920×1080): bit.ly/1pMMhdo

● The Crew Involved ● The Vox Force!
Directed & Produced: bit.ly/1kg6ckv
Lead Animation: Ian – bit.ly/1pMMflC
Music Composer: bit.ly/1kfXgMh
Singer: Lindee Link: bit.ly/1pMMflL
Lyrics by: NeonGlitterbomb: bit.ly/1pMMhtV
Character Animator: Kat Nowlin – bit.ly/1pMMhu3
Character Animator: Baldur: bit.ly/1pMMhKk
Sound Effects: Eric Fullerton: bit.ly/1pMMhKp

● Thanks to the FyreUK team for set building!
Phil / Brutealmighty, Matt / iFirez, Cubic Theater, Nemesis, TheBlahBlahBlah, Darcness, Pure Eagle, Predator, SmallerSmiley, Ek628, Eefi, huwatron3000

● Special Thanks!
Sonic Set, OCD Texture Pack: bit.ly/1pMMfCb
Mrs. Processing, Mini Processing, Radderss, Kas, Kong, Arazand, Dallas, Preston / The Darks Creative / Guruith,

♪ Lyrics:
There are diamonds
I have to find.
Takes more than spiders
to change my mind
As a creeper explodes on sight
eat rotten flesh to stay alive

Now the way I’m feeling
is hard to describe
But I can’t do this alone!
(friends pop in to sing with her, aka like a multiplayer server)

We found fun in an 8 bit game (x4)

shine a light with a little torch
make some armor
I’ll be fine
kill a pig
and eat some pork
my hearts were shaking
I nearly died
with the way I’m playing
I just can’t deny
That I wish I could go pro.

we found fun in an 8 bit game (x4)

there are diamonds I have to find
Now I’m staying
up all night
As a creeper explodes on sight

we found fun in an 8 bit game (x4)
we found fun in an 8 bit game (x3)