UHC – Vitality – S2E03 – Contact!

►Welcome to Vitality Season 2! This season we are doing a chosen teams of two. There are 24 people(12 teams of 2). Nether is on but Tier 2 is disabled.

Vitality Ultra Hardcore was Hosted by Iron Wolf Network!
Iron Wolf Network Website: bit.ly/1zWw5td
Server IP: ironwolfmc.net



Team 1:

Guitardoodler: bit.ly/1zWw34z

ZestPlaysMC: bit.ly/1rfKnWb

Team 2:

TheBestGinger: bit.ly/1rfKnWe

Maddognils: bit.ly/1zgjsN5

Team 3:

ItsTabzy: bit.ly/1zWw34B

mythicblade: bit.ly/1rfKnWh

Team 4:

Crimson: bit.ly/1rfKm4K

Frankie: bit.ly/1rfKnWm

Team 5:

Shadoune: bit.ly/1zWw5to

GoldenOlive: bit.ly/1rfKml3

Team 6:

Gilzor: bit.ly/1rfKocH

Blaikie: bit.ly/1rfKmBu

Team 7:

Scope: bit.ly/1zWw5JF

Tyler: bit.ly/1zWw5JG

Team 8:

Tommy: bit.ly/1zWw5JH

Vi: bit.ly/1rfKmBG

Team 9:

Sneeg: bit.ly/1rfKota

Kaniva: bit.ly/1rfKmBM

Team 10:

Pippiter: bit.ly/1zWw3kY

Dibzcraft: bit.ly/1zWw5JN

Team 11:

Sting: bit.ly/1rfKotp

Krenz: bit.ly/1rfKoJF

Team 12:

Eirene: bit.ly/1zWw5JO

Shortgamer: bit.ly/1rfKoJN


Intro Creation:

Made by: bit.ly/1zWw3l8

Intro Song: [Dubstep] – Droptek – Vice [Monstercat EP Release]


►Thumbnails made by Czibi: bit.ly/1kiYfbV

UHC Highlights: bit.ly/1h1jx9u
►Social Media:
Tumblr: bit.ly/1h1jD12
Instagram: bit.ly/1kiY5Bl