Starting new…with Bunnies! – Tyler’s Minequest #1 – Minecraft Let’s Play

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Welcome to ANOTHER new series! This is my new Minecraft series in an all new world! I decided to ditch the whole “Minecraft 1.7, Minecraft 1.8” series names and went with a viewer suggested title! I’m excited to start this new world and explore it and try out some of the new features in Minecraft 1.8!

Minecraft is a survival based game where you must mine the elements to survive. At night zombies and all kinds of bad guys come out so you want to make sure you are safe and sound inside a shelter.
This series is starting with Minecraft 1.8. In Minecraft 1.8 we see the additions of the guardian mobs, bunnies, muttons from sheep, new villager breeding, new enchanting, banners, and much more!

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