Minecraft: UHC Season 1 Episode 2 – “Well, There Goes The Iron”

Hello, and Welcome to UHC Season 1

Minecraft: Ultra Hardcore is a gamemode originally created by
Guude and the group Mindcrack.

In the UHC gamemode, health doesn’t regenerate,
you must use a golden apple.

In Season 1 of UHC, we have 22 participants scattered across a 1500×1500
map playing teams of 4, and 2 teams of 3. The last team standing is deemed
the winner. The season was recorded in a single-session.

Event Organizer : MattyGaming1130
Intro production : LannaGames

Players of Season 1:

Team Purple
Matt: bit.ly/Ubq6Rx
Julia: bit.ly/1mODIhc
David: bit.ly/1mODIhg
Jonn: bit.ly/1mODIhl

Team Red
Lanna: bit.ly/Ubq4Jc
Aaron: bit.ly/Ubq4Jh
Muffins: bit.ly/Ubq4Jj
Eloc: bit.ly/1mODIxO

Team Gray
Poke: bit.ly/Ubq77R
Sunny: bit.ly/Ubq77T

Team Light Blue
Alice: bit.ly/Ubq4Jo
Bo: bit.ly/Ubq77V

Team Green
ILYTiger: bit.ly/1mODIOf
Kimmie: bit.ly/1mODIOh
Star: bit.ly/Ubq77Z

Team Orange
Cotham: bit.ly/1mODGGg
Caxxie: bit.ly/Ubq4Js
Violet: bit.ly/Ubq4ZG

Thanks for watching c: