Minecraft Monday Show #165 – Coding The Community!

Great news for the Minecraft Server community! Also Vita gamers and the British Museum! As Minecraft continues to take over the world.

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Minecraft News:
● British Museum turns to Minecraft: bit.ly/1uVTkR7
Minecraft.net overhaul: bit.ly/1rtycCJ
● 1.9 to have shaders: bit.ly/1rBcxJo
● Husk: bit.ly/1nmqdYI
● Sponge: bit.ly/1zgjh4g
● Minecraft Vita testing: bit.ly/1nmB4BV
● PE Working on better lighting bit.ly/1u4qOPi
● PE Swamps: bit.ly/1uvqQB5

● A Cows Life: bit.ly/1rrRNlC
● Realistic style minecraft: bit.ly/1wOuGDp
● Minecrft 2: bit.ly/1t5TOBZ

Awesome Minecraft Downloads:
● Guess Who 2: bit.ly/1wOuHav
● Wizard Temple: bit.ly/1DJVNEy
● Porath’s Isle: bit.ly/1DJWde3
● Great Britten Map 2: bit.ly/1BnAWCS

Minecraft Skins:
● Alexis The Ringmistress: bit.ly/1uvpOoL
● Dwarven Blacksmith: bit.ly/1nmwQKA
● Bear on a Unicycle: bit.ly/1rtx0PG
● John Haudini: bit.ly/1rBdIbN
● Pierre the Magnificent: bit.ly/1ywBpXl

All music used with full permission and can be found here:
♪ The McM Show Intro/Outtro: bit.ly/HGpvhm
♪ Cruiser by Slangor: bit.ly/1jCntUg