Minecraft Mod Showcase: EVIL MINIONS (MINE, LIFT ANIMALS, CUT DOWN TREES) Minions Mod Showcase

In today’s Minecraft Mod Review, I showcase the Minions Mod. This mod allows you to summon little minions! Whether you truly look at them as evil or not is your opinion but these little guys can do a lot! This Minecraft mod allows the minions to do your chores for you! If you want to see another Minecraft mod review or Minecraft mod showcase in the future, simply like, comment, and subscribe!

Minecraft Minions Mod Download: bit.ly/1rsgQSz

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***Extra Mod Information!***
“By now, many great extensions of the Minecraft gameplay exist (such as Industrialcraft, Buildcraft….) but they have one common weakness. They usually require you to amass X resources before you can make use of the advanced stuff. The process of mining down and then stripmining for raw materials has become very repetitive and boring after a while, so i decided Minions to do it for you were needed!”