Minecraft: 1.8 Infinite Villager Breeder Showcase no Redstone

in minecraft 1.8 mojang made a lot of changes to the villagers.

1. they have to be willing in order to be able to breed.
This can be achieved either by trading with players or by consuming food.

2. Villagers have different proffessions now and a lot are related to farming these villagers are able to harvest and replant crops…
they will turn wheat into bread and if they are willing already they share their food with others. by giving them half of their food.
to become willing they need either 6 bread or 12 carrots or potatoes.

So using all this new mechanic and including a drop they would not walk off by themselfes i made a new infinite villager breeder that does not even require redstone 🙂

Enjoy the video.

worldfile download: bit.ly/1jKaWLj

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