Drakkarts redstone lab : Minecraft: revolving lighthouse tutorial, timeless design.

his tutorial shows how to build to build a revolving lighthouse with redstone lamps. It features the most compact light chamber which can be done in minecraft which enables it to have very smooth revolving light.
The tutorial also covers the required items list, explains how it works and how it can be turned on or off using a daylight senor or lever. It does not cover the actual design of the tower/house, instead shows options of how this could be done by showing the versatility of the redstone design. It is running on a clock made with repeaters which could be placed way below the actual lighthouse in the ground.
The smooth revolving light then is made by splitting the clocks signal to power colums of redstone lamps individually slighty timed after each other.

The design is timeless and should work in all future patches for it does not rely on any bud mechanic or other shenanigans of sorts, it was originally developed back in 1.4.7.
But proofed to be the smallest light chamber design up to now (1.6.2).
It purely relies on a repeater clock, so no rails or hoppers or anything involved.

Thank you all so very much for your constant support! 369 awesome people. This is for you, i hope you enoy.

I add this world downloadfile with the examples included so you may rip them apart and look how they were done in this example specificly.

Music used during the timelapse
“Silvermoon (2006) Cyra Elia / Bluejooz” by bluejooz