10YRS LEFT OF MOJANG! – Minecraft Monday Show #146

10Yrs of Mojang left! New Notch Game? Magazines covering Minecraft! And TONS of awesome videos & Downloads!

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Minecraft News:
● Diamonds To You: bit.ly/1olvONy
● Parody: I Got Trolled – bit.ly/1nKXlp8
● Epic Minequest: bit.ly/1mG5e2b
● Real Life Minecraft: bit.ly/1syEjEG
● The Geat Escape: bit.ly/1j8NR7x

Holy $#17 Did You See That?
● Tetris in 1.8: bit.ly/1ivoSFv
● Slimeblock Fun: bit.ly/1uRnCpP
● Plaa’ias – The Great Dream: bit.ly/1fZFWZJ
● Brickston Manor: bit.ly/1hGhoQB
● The Mavlkov: bit.ly/1sBLIms
● Harves Luna Dur: bit.ly/1ojA28s

Minecraft Texture Pack:
● Faithful : Reborn Animated! Age of Samurai(64×64) bit.ly/1l9rb2W

Seed This Week:
● -7905595282477930859

Minecraft Skins
● Polaroid: bit.ly/1jwoI64
● Cute kinda Kawai One with their drawing
● Steampunk Engineer: bit.ly/1jhB64V
● Nicolas Cage: bit.ly/1gciBo4 — WHAT????
● Speedy Cube: bit.ly/REBlBd

All music used with full permission and can be found here:
♪ The McM Show Intro/Outtro: bit.ly/HGpvhm
♪ Cruiser by Slangor: bit.ly/1jCntUg