★ Minecraft 1.8 – Bouncy World Tour – #4

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We are back in our main base/home area to try out some of the new slime block mechanics in the new snapshots! All kinds of awesome things are now possible with these slime blocks!

Also, we do a little world tour and show off some of the stuff that we have built so far in this world!


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Minecraft is a game by Mojang where you are put into a square pixelated world where you must mine to survive. You start out with nothing but you can build your world up to the greatest empire ever! Make sure you build a house by the first night though, because mobs such as Zombies and Creepers come out and try to destroy you. Talk about a warm welcome! haha
You can craft all kinds of things in this game from Minecarts, to Diamond Swords, to Portals to other dimensions!

Minecraft started out as a small game played by a few people but it is now one of the most popular games for PC and people all around the world enjoy it! Minecraft is constantly getting updates to the game to enhance the gameplay and add new features for us to play with.
I highly suggest downloading Minecraft, it’s definitely a game you will want to try and who knows, it might turn into one of your favorite games ever!

In it’s newest update, Minecraft 1.8 we get a lot of new features and blocks! We have the new stones, andesite, graphite, and diorite as well as the new slime blocks! We also have a completely new enchanting system and repairing items is much cheaper! All that and more is featured in this new update!

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