GGMC Ultra Hardcore – S6E02

GGMC Season 6 UHC
We used random teams of three-
There are no enchants, and you can’t craft the anvil. Anvils are available at certain points in the map but when you are near them they will

broadcast your location in the chat. Your location will also be broadcast when you light a portal to the nether. Notch apples are disabled but

players drop heads and gold bars when they die. Due to a glitch golden heads only heal 2 hearts. In the UHC mod you won’t recover health without a

golden apple or a golden head. It is a fight to the death.

May the best man win!
Random Teams of 3 with secret identities:

billycohen –
Chessmill –

magnus917 –
oddmast –
iiQuakezz –

urnbob –
Blaikie –
YouRedstone –

TheBestGinger9 –
frankie_newman –
Cristian23761 –

Fairyjuice –
Ahpuck –
ZABScool –

SirNessyUK –
LadyMinecrafter -

Gilzor –
llvllax –
Ragnorh8ts –

Vote on the outcome!

Thanks to Ahpuck for the intro –

Thanks to urnbob for the command block settings –

Ultra Hardcore Bukkit Plugin:


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