Frickin Random Friday: #1 Introduction to The Series

Hey guys i know i don’t do i lot of scheduled uploads, my videos are more or less all over the place, well heck here is the plan. every Friday i will upload more random “frickin” videos for you all to enjoy. here is what you as a viewer need to do to keep said videos rollin’ out, you need to comment below saying how much you loved this particular video each week and also suggest an idea for next week. now hold up, how will i pick my video for next week you may ask, you need to up vote only the good ideas (unless you want to sabotage the whole series and up vote the terrible ideas) . So please get your friends to rate your suggestions and please make suggestions, in the event of a tie i’ll pick the one that looks easiest to make. i’m not a graphical artist so don’t ask for something that would take a skilled pro months of work because your not gonna get it… you can also re suggest the same idea each week if i haven’t done it yet.
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i didn’t capitalize a single “i” in this crazy long description.