The Shattered Crown – The Movie edition

The Shattered Crown is set in a fictional world called Landra. We follow Alastair, Charlie, Abigail, Steven, Martin & Lewis as they struggle through a conflict that brought them all to The Mistlands.

Voice Cast:
Charlie: Vana/Wowgurl13 –
Abigail: Kuzon –
Alastair: uzalu –
Steven: Insiodine –
Scott: ColinB –
Martin: Bard_Core
Lewis: Crow –

Character Art: Meganzoor
Logo Art: MinhwaYu
Promo Adjustments: uzalu


Songs by Kevin MacLeod (

This story has been on my mind since i was a kid and i have finally pushed myself to create something of it to share with you guys. After working on this machinima since around November, I can finally show you guys the first official season!