Minecraft: SpudCraft, City Of Heroes Ep. 1 New Skin Reveal! – Minecraft 1.11 Singleplayer Survival

In Episode 1, I reveal my new skin, tell you about the City Of Heroes and battle an unkillable Witch!!

About This Series:

Spudcraft: City Of Heroes is my brand new Minecraft Let’s Play in Minecraft version 1.11! Why am I calling it City Of Heroes? My plan in this Minecraft survival let’s play is to tailor all my builds towards my favorite super hero bases, locals, vehicles and so much more! In this Minecraft 1.11 Vanilla survival let’s play I want want your input more than ever! I am counting on you for suggestions on the following elements of Minecraft gameplay:

1. Redstone Builds: As I’m building each base I will require more and more redstone builds. I need your expertise to help guide me on just the right redstone builds to implement!
2. Super Hero Structure Ideas: I have several ideas that I plan on building but YOU can help out! There will be many builds that I just don’t think of that will be related to each build so please don’t be shy…use the comment section as your tool to get your Minecraft build ideas to me!
3. Order Of Events: Minecraft 1.11 has many new events added and I want to experience them all! I will be asking you from time to time to vote on my Twitter feed to see what locale I will experience next! From the previous version’s Wither Fight, Dragon Fight and Ocean Monuments to Minecraft 1.11’s Woodland Mansions and Illagers.

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