Counter Craft #8 – Jklenk is god – CSGO In Minecraft

Counter Craft #8 – Jklenk is god – CSGO In Minecraft
Here is a new video 1/7 uploads this week expect a new video every day some uploads might be inconsistent because of school thank you all for tuning in.

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Jklenk is a channel I started because I love gaming! I originally started because I wanted to have a active hobby in my life, and wanted to share some of my gameplay’s / Moments In Gaming.
I play other games such as CSGO, Minecraft, Call of Duty, and more! Counter Strike is one of my favorite games and I am leaning more into doing that as my main game. With that being said I am where I am today and I hope Youtube can become a life long hobby for me and I can grow my channel and reach the milestones I want to complete.