Pixelmon Let’s Build a Server! — Episode #4 — Littleroot Town Interior — Hoenn Region

Join us in our journey to create our very first Minecraft Map for public release. Not only will this map be available for you to download and play yourselves on your single player Pixelmon worlds, but it will also come complete with the ability to upload to a server, with little to no changes to the files. All changes will be talked about in this videos and well explained in the project files.

In today’s episode we bring you our timelapse build of the interior of Littleroot town, where you will enter from the Hub. We are looking for other builders that are interested in working on the server or beta testing the release. If you are interested leave a comment letting us know.

You have made Pixelmon the best of the best on this channel, and for that we have to give you such a big thank you. Now that Season One of Pixelmon has come to an end we wanted to bring you guys something new and exciting. In our quest to find a server for Season 2 we just couldn’t find anything that really gave us the feel we knew you guys wanted and enjoyed, so we decided to create our own.

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