Obscurity Teaser Trailer | Minecraft Modpack | SnowShock35 and JohnnyMobbins

I am proud to reveal the Tease trailer for Obscurity, the FTB JamPacked pack by SnowShock35 and JohnnyMobbins.

Set in a post apocalyptic world, you are the only person able to save the planet. With a voice over by the Twitch streamer Runew0lf and over 200 quests and an engaging storyline.

Get the pack here: bit.ly/1QqSFlh
Or by entering “obscurity” in the 3rd party packs section on the FTB launcher.

SnowShock35 – Lead pack creator: bit.ly/1Fngh9V
JohnnyMobbins – Co Pack creator: bit.ly/1QqSFln
CyanideX – Pack Artist: bit.ly/1Fngev0
Runew0lf – Quest book lore reader: bit.ly/1QqSFlt
AKTheKnight – Video creation: bit.ly/1Fngh9Y
All of the pack testers, mod creators and FTB for creating the competition. bit.ly/1QqSFlu

My info:
Twitter: bit.ly/1Fngh9Y
Youtube: bit.ly/1QqSGG0
Email: [email protected]

Creepy Sadness by Burning Mir: bit.ly/1QqSFBL