Minecraft :: V for Vanilla, SMP Season 3 Ep # 01 {Let’s fight the dragon?}

Welcome to the V for Vanilla server!

Today we kick off season 3 with some of the guys on our mountain range spawn area. We jump into a skype call and go do our day 1 exploration.

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Server is on hard mode with a death and kill counter and normal health regeneration is shut off.

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V for Vanilla Members:
BioBreed: bit.ly/1HcJVff
Bizz414: bit.ly/1HcJSjz
C_moneySmith: bit.ly/1HcJVfl
Cr8tor: bit.ly/1HcJSjF
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FrickinPope: bit.ly/1HcJVvN
Icarii: bit.ly/1HcJVvP
Im Extortion: bit.ly/1HcJVvW
Meauchel: bit.ly/1HcJSA9
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Redstone Junkyard: bit.ly/1HcJSQE
Tonto: bit.ly/1HcJSQH
TrickyPiston: bit.ly/1HcJVMv
Lord Dan: bit.ly/1HcJW2L