MineCraft Tutorials – Jetpacks (In Vanilla Minecraft)

Hey doots! In this video I teach you how to create a jetpack using command blocks in vanilla minecraft Snapshot 15w37a. I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial, and if you have any questions about this thingy don’t be shy, ask them in the comments 🙂

Note: The two “Redstone clock” commands are optional, watch the video for more information on why

Redstone Clock (Top): fill ~-1 ~-1 ~ ~ ~-1 ~ redstone_block
Redstone Clock (Bottom): fill ~-1 ~1 ~ ~ ~1 ~ glass

Testfor Hover Pack: /scoreboard players set @a armor 1 {Inventory:[{Slot:102b,id:”minecraft:chainmail_chestplate”,tag:{display:{Name:”Hover Pack”}}}]}

Testfor Throttle: /scoreboard players set @a throttle 1 {Inventory:[{Slot:-106b,id:”minecraft:lever”,tag:{display:{Name:”Throttle”}}}]}

Activate Effect: effect @a[score_armor_min=1,score_throttle_min=1] levitation 1 3 true

Reset Throttle: /scoreboard players set @a throttle 0

Reset Hover Pack: /scoreboard players set @a armor 0

Clear Effect: effect @a clear

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Thanks for watching everyone!