Minecraft : Royal SMP Episode 3 – ‘BUILDING 101’ & NEW MEMBERS!

Hey guys! Description and new member’s links will be coming soon, uploaded at an awkward time for me lol 😀

Strawpoll for the Banners: bit.ly/1EKfqyf
Royal SMP Twitter: bit.ly/1EKfqyh
Applicant Form: bit.ly/1EKfoGy
BenJordy : bit.ly/1EKfoGB
Kotie: bit.ly/1EKfqyl
Evan: bit.ly/1EKfoGD
Neon: bit.ly/1EKfqyp
Fraser: bit.ly/1EKfoGH
Spiff: bit.ly/1EKfoGN
Payton: bit.ly/1EKfoX4
Mast: bit.ly/1EKfoX6
Purple: bit.ly/1EKfoXa
Lucas: bit.ly/1EKfqOJ
Crafty: bit.ly/1EKfqOP
Caltrop: bit.ly/1EKfoXc
Blue: bit.ly/1EKfqOT
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