Minecraft MMHC May Announcement Video

Modded Minecraft Hardcore Challenge!
Objective: Take over a fortress and make it completely mob free
World Type: Normal Biome.
Hardcore Mode.
Singleplayer or Team.
No harming passive mobs.
No AFK crop growth.
No alternate world exploration.
Everything on-camera, no speedups or skipping.
No skipping the night by sleeping in beds.
Show coords of any diamonds.
Each episode runs from sun-up to sun-up.
Post an episode every Tuesday, Thursday in May
No one dies on day one.

Modpack Download

The Madness Haven members taking part
AF_Bunny – bit.ly/1Q0GMU3
BetoPlaysHD – bit.ly/1Q0GMU7
CraigPlays – bit.ly/1Q0GLiJ
Filbun3 – bit.ly/1Q0GLiQ
MagicDad76 – bit.ly/1Q0GLiR
Steampunkmage – bit.ly/1Q0GLiU

Music Used “Dangerous” and “Blown Away”
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0