..:: Minecraft Adventures Of DuckyGirl – Server Blow Out! ::..

DuckyWorld Server Owners & Staff Have Some REALLY BAD News To Tell You All…. It Wasn’t Easy To Tell You This… And Agaian, As We’ve Said, There’s Nothing We Can Do, We Are SOOOOO Very Very Sorry.

Pixelmon Server IP: pixelmon.duckygirlworld.com
Website: bit.ly/1mMeTUy
Twitter: @missduckygirl
Facebook – www.facebook.com/missducky

Discount promo code: duckygirl (for 10% off servers)
MineCraftBread Website: bit.ly/1mMeRvO


Intro Made By:
Definitive’s website – bit.ly/1669OIv
Definitive’s Facebook – on.fb.me/14XXSrx
Definitive’s Twitter – bit.ly/1fy0y44
Definitive’s Youtube Channel – bit.ly/162kpLc
Definitive’s Twitch – bit.ly/1mMeUYp