Minecraft – 5 Mentioned Joke Features! – Things You Didn’t Know About Minecraft

This video showcases 5 Minecraft joke features! These are some things you may have never known about Minecraft! I would love to make some more Minecraft Facts videos or Minecraft information videos so please let me know if you enjoyed! This video features 5 features that were mentioned by Mojang but never added because they were jokes! Make sure to comment with the comment of the day! Check the bottom of the description! Also, make sure to leave a like!

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This video features 5 Minecraft Joke Features! After a lot of research, watching, reading, and playing I found 5 mentioned features that were jokes that I wanted to feature in this video! Minecraft mentioned joke features are features that Mojang developers and other Mojang staff mention, though they aren’t actually being serious. That’s why they are joke features. All of these have been mentioned by a Mojangsta on Twitter or Reddit! Featured in this video is Minecraft pizza, the 12marc40awesome snapshot, Minecraft dwarves, Minecraft hot dogs, and Herobrine. Herobrine is not actually in Minecraft even if people claim they have Herobrine sightings and make videos about it. There is no code for Herobrine in Minecraft. The people about Mojang like to joke about Herobrine saying he is removed from Minecraft in all of the updates. The 12marc40awesome Minecraft snapshot was a fake joke snapshot that featured new Minecraft dragons, Minecraft valcanoes, Minecraft coral, Minecraft fish, and Minecraft fish blocks. If you are looking for more 10 things you don’t know about Minecraft, things you didn’t know about Minecraft, minecraft facts videos, things never added into Minecraft, Minecraft mentioned features, or things never added into Minecraft videos on my channel please let me know! I’d love to add some more content to my channel! This video was a ton of fun to make and I spent a lot of time making it so I hope you enjoy it!

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