Half Dozen Withers! – FullStack Gaming SMP (Episode 35)

The FullStack Gaming Server has gathered to fight 6 Withers at the same time! As always, we dominate with ease and speed, to eliminate our raging opponents. Do shenanigans ensue though? This is FullStack my friends… of course they do!!!

FullStack Members In Video:
PhineasRage – bit.ly/1MNkDKH
NickNasty – bit.ly/1FrRH44
Stressmonster – bit.ly/1MNkG9h
Jopie_the_Yellow – bit.ly/1FrRH46
Reign – bit.ly/1MNkG9p
MrSheepCo (Me) – bit.ly/1MNkE13

FullStack Website: bit.ly/1FrRH4b
FullStack Gaming SMP Channel: bit.ly/1MNkE16