GIVE ME A BREAK! – Minecraft Sky Wars Ep. #18

There is a black screen from 6:53 to 7:36
Sorry about that, feel free to skip that part :3

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Thumbnail made by VultureDesigns:

TheFatRat – Time Lapse
TheFatRat – Unity

Intro made by SpectreFx:
Intro song: Ahrix – Reborn

Server – VikkCraft

Official channel ratings and reviews:
“The next Huahwi” – Huahwi
“Totally gnarbucly awesome” – CaptainSparklez
“Holy Shit!” – SkyDoesMinecraft
“Do You Wanna Do a Collab?” – Parker Games
“You’re such a trolly parkour pro” – Bodil40
“Oh my word, hats off” – Vikkstar123
“Not enough eggs” – HowToBasic
“9/11” – Filthy Frank
“Best cube player ever” – Illuminati