FTB Infinity Let’s Play S1E2 – Botania/Tinkers Construct

Video Playlist: bit.ly/19rEVay

Video Description: In today’s video I craft a few more cool things from Botania and start crafting/building some Tinkers Construct Items

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Video Time Line:

00:00 Intro
00:26 Sourjourner’s Sash
01:42 Carpenter’s Pressure Plate / Hammer from Carpenter’s Blocks
04:23 Creating Living Rock Botania
06:26 Collecting Living Rock Botania
06:45 Crafting Runic Altar from Botania
06:56 Using the /craft command for VIP
08:21 Crafting Rune of Earth 09:55 Rune of Air from Botania
11:45 Getting started with Tinkers Construct
12:25 Alchemy Catalyst
13:03 Clayconia
16:25 Smeltery Controller, Smeltery Drain, Seared Faucet, Seared Tank
19:53 Hardened Portable Tank from Thermal Expansion
20:50 Fluid Conduit from Ender IO
22:55 Gold Chest Diamond Chest from Iron Chest
26:36 Tinkers Construct Stencil Table, Part Builder, Tool Forge