F5 CHALLENGE! – Minecraft Hunger Games Survival #51

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Welcome to episode 51 of the Minecraft Hunger Games with yah boy KayLow! Today I give the f5 challenge a try 😀

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Whyskill – Palm

Intro made by SpectreFx:
Intro song: Ahrix – Reborn

Official channel ratings and reviews:
“The next Huahwi” – Huahwi
“Totally gnarbucly awesome” – CaptainSparklez
“Holy Shit!” – SkyDoesMinecraft
“Do You Wanna Do a Collab?” – Parker Games
“You’re such a trolly parkour pro” – Bodil40
“Oh my word, hats off” – Vikkstar123
“Go easy on me please” – CreeperFarts
“Not enough eggs” – HowToBasic
“9/11” – Filthy Frank
“Best cube player ever” – Illuminati

– What can we find on your channel, what kind of videos do you upload?
On the KayLow Games channel you will find:
* Minecraft Hunger Games Survival with KayLow & more people
* Minecraft Sky Wars
* Minecraft Let’s Build (happens like once a year but whatever xD)
* Minecraft Parkour and PvP maps (trailers and playthroughs)
* Minecraft Fail Montages
* Short Fun Videos (doesn’t have to be Minecraft related)
* Topic Tuesday (where I discuss things that you suggest)
* Various Minecraft minigames

– Why do you play on VikkCraft so much (and not on MCSG, Hive,
Because I suck at the game 😛

– Will you upload anything else except Minecraft on your channel?
Probably yes, the first thing that is the most possible to start
appearing on the channel is CS:GO

-What do you use to record and edit?
Bandicam and Sony Vegas Pro