Cinema 4D – Minecraft – Slime Timelapse – Download Below

WOAH, two videos in a day?!!

Hey there everyone!

I added some new features since I made the videos. (Bend direction and Hue of the slime (So it can be a red slime or a yellow slime depending on what color you decide)

So today, I have a timelapse of the Slime from Minecraft.

Download Link:

Some other timelapse’s of mine:

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Cinema 4D – Cube World – Orc Timelapse

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Minecraft – Steve (Rigid bends, and a nose slider for different nose)


Feel Free to use my Rig(s) in any of your animations / projects, however, remember to give me credit in the description / credits.
e.x of giving credit:
“Cinema 4D Minecraft Assets by: MinecraftFlicks

“Promises To Keep” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0