*Bang *Bang Craft Minisode #1: Skelly Spawner (Minecraft Let’s Play)

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Hey everyone! This is *Bang *Bang Craft Minisode #1. As I was digging for resources to build my house, I come across a Skeleton Spawner! Let’s see what is in the chests!

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How To Enter The Design My Skin Contest:

1. Be A Subscriber
2. Download the Picture Pack for Inspiration of what I’m looking for.
3. Submit to [email protected] by September 20, 2015
4. Winner Will Be Announced On October 1, 2015

The Winner Will Receive:

1. Channel/Interest spotlight on my channel!
2. Priority placement in the Dirty Bastard Hall Of Fame
3. Minecraft Gaming Night with The GateKeepers
4. I will create a special video of me singing any song of your request.

Make It Fun and Good Luck!

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