What Does Youtube Buying Twitch Mean? – Minecraft Show 147

What if Youtube buys Twitch? What does it mean for the community & Minecraft? PS4 Minecraft news and TONS more!

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Minecraft News:
● Youtube buying Twitch?: bit.ly/R079Q5
● Using Eyebrows to play Minecraft: bit.ly/1jJtyNm
● Minecraft snapshot 14w20b: bit.ly/RXTiuA
● Snapshot Review Video: bit.ly/1n9vEJF
● Cave Cutting: bit.ly/1jZpwk2
● 4J Studio Compare Images: bit.ly/1lC4wMP
● MC PS4 available pre-order: amzn.to/1j0JL0a
● Bunnies in Minecraft?: bit.ly/1iZLrCJ

● Titanfall Minecraft Animation: bit.ly/1jbp1Ec
● Spongebob’s Misadventure: bit.ly/1gI3kvu
● Spades – Ep1: Pilot bit.ly/1j4Ebd0

Amazing Minecaft Builds:
● Minecraft Bingo: bit.ly/1kXjAbh
● Steamshire Bridge Line: bit.ly/1k3bVYp
● Ghost Ship: bit.ly/RHqFld
● Quair – Atlantis Resort: bit.ly/1nQpuNX
● Command Block Typewriter: bit.ly/1jJMKFO
● Make your own Film: bit.ly/1jsImkg
● Stornoth – The Lone Bastion: bit.ly/1vph6XE

Minecraft Texture Pack:

Minecraft Skins
● Vault Boy: bit.ly/1oQGG3n
● Napoleon Dynamite: bit.ly/QKMWOa
● Goblin: bit.ly/1gpp4Mu
● Bumblebee G1 Transformer: bit.ly/QKN1S2

All music used with full permission and can be found here:
♪ The McM Show Intro/Outtro: bit.ly/HGpvhm
♪ Cruiser by Slangor: bit.ly/1jCntUg