Ultimate XP & Gold Farm

A very simple but ultra effective AFK design to harvest XP & Pigmen drops.

World Download: bit.ly/11otpsy
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Some important points of this design:
~ Don’t use MCEDIT for this farm – it will break it!
~ Fairly simple and low resource usage.
~ Must be built higher than Y240 in the nether.
~ Make sure your render distance is 12 or more.
~ If you need a circle generator to help, try: bit.ly/11otnRk

Lastly, this minecraft farm was invented by me over a long period of time where the original spark of the idea came from this 1.7 Farm (youtu.be/-ILera-eYP0) by Monsieur Touf which I loaded up into a 1.8 snapshot – that’s how it all started.
The Zombie Pigman behaviour can be traced back to these sources:
A bug was posted on Mojang (bugs.mojang.com/browse/MC-56653) [Jun ’14]
DigitalDogMuck: Vid of accidental disc. of XP drops (youtu.be/WLZy4Z0r73o) [Jun ’14]
jDeV7: Vid demonstration of the behaviour (youtu.be/v8FFKvbhMdY) [Jul ’14]
A reddit thread started (www.reddit.com/tb/2bm0r3) [July ’14]
TwitchNitr0 demonstrated the behaviour (youtu.be/Kk-YVN7MCYo) [Sept ’14]

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Gold XP Farm.