UHC Reddit Pack v1.3 [1.7.5]

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►So, it’s finally arrived! I have compiled a bunch of very simple textures to bring /r/ultrahardcore a great pack for pvp’ing and playing UHC as a whole. I just want to point out that yes, the pack is meant to be very vanilla based, and yes, it’s not for everyone. I don’t expect too many people to fall in love with this pack, but it is customized for users who like a very vanilla experience and those in particular who record in the subreddit.

Bow and Arrow Textures from /u/5732Bobster5732
Particles from /u/NeonPOOP
Custom Apples by /u/QuakeHaven
Custom Title Screen from /u/Flooft
Enchantment Changes
Transparent GUI from Faithful, edited by /u/QuakeHaven

►Beta Testers
and a few others tba

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►Background Music- “Escape…Temple” by MachinimaSound
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