“Our Game” – An original Minecraft song by Lord Oaken and Beats Craze

Introducing my original Minecraft song written by myself and Beats Craze. Took me a couple weeks to get this song written and recorded but it is worth the effort I think. Hopefully you enjoy it so sit back and relax and listen to the smooth sound of my Minecraft song.

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Animation was done by me, clearly I am no animation pro but if parody or funny songs is something that the community enjoys from me, I will try and get together with some animators to bring you awesome music videos. I own all rights to the song. This song is just a fun thing I wrote which basically describes Minecraft, its features and why it is so successful.

Music was done by my good friend over at Beats Craze so please check him out: www.youtube.com/user/BeatsCraze

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Cinematic taken from the Gazamo Network:

Images within the video were taken from Minecraft wiki and from various Google searches. Here is the artist of the Minecraft players image.

MatiZ1994: matiz1994.deviantart.com/


Its been a long day being hassled by the man
Whether it teaches or bosses, aint no-one gives a damn
Cause there’s a place where you can go if you want to be alone
I think you’ve heard of it, cause it’s pretty well known

Well its Minecraft, that’s the name of the game
A world of blocks it could make call of duty fans go insane
Cause the graphics are not what you would call looking sharp
However if you can look past it, you’re off to a start

Everyone knows Rome was not built in a day
And certainly not one of those 20 minute ones anyway
It’s been a long time since 1.0 was abolished
Still incredible that Notch has taken 4 years to polish

But not to hate this title, this game is one of a kind
It chews up other sandbox titles and leaves them behind
153 blocks since version 1.7.2
With all those fricken blocks there’s almost too much to do

(Instrumental with voice over)

The beauty of this game is that you dont have to be alone
You can play with family or friends or anyone you know
Empires are built in days and communities are born
Players can even get together and meet on the fields of war

This game has united players from all over the world
And many of us are proud to be called a part of this herd
Because for many out there Minecraft is more than a game
Because its a place where we leave our problems and everyone is the same

(Instrumental with voice over)

This game aint always easy and not without challenge
Sometimes supplies are low and you are forced out to scavenge
I mean aint it always so when a spider dampens your mood
That it is that exact time that you realise you are completely out of food

It has always been the pigmen that have been a confusion to me
I mean is that what you get when a pig breeds with a zombie?
And I can only assume that the inbreeding of that race
Is why they all seem to care when only one gets hit in the face

And lets not forget the creeper, the classic game nemesis
Based of a failed pig model since the .24 genesis
I mean whoever made the decision to let that green freak roam
Should be beaten with a stick every time it takes out a home

Endermen, creepers, zombies, spiders and ghasts
They all attribute to why this game has continued to last
And I’m sure that squids and pigs, chickens and cows
Have also had a part in this game’s success somehow

This game is full of treasure and rich ores to mine
It still annoys me that the ones I need are so hard to find
The ender and nether give you reasons to leave your dirt home
And cudos to the development team for finally adding more biomes

With severs up and running of every possible shape and size
Its easy to see why this game takes so much of our lives
Even the community has stepped up and provided us with mods
If you are still bored with this game go back to your COD

Because the rest of us will remain and we’ll continue to stay
And enjoy this game that continues to enrich our day
So head on over to the good old Minecraft shop
And join us in a world of blocks that will surely never stop