Mr. T Head! – The Neighborhood Modded SMP – Modsauce Pack – Episode 1

Hey there! This is the Hermitcraft created modpack called Mod Sauce! ModSauce is a Minecraft modpack which runs via the AT Launcher! This is episode one of my Modded SMP Series! Today we start our server! We gather materials, start our base, and play with a cool Minecraft hats mod! The amount of fails we had definitely made it interesting as it is my first time playing a modpack as well as some other players’ first time too! If you enjoy, don’t forget to leave a like, comment, and subscribe for me!

You can see the list of mods in modsauce here:
ModSauce launches on the ATLauncher. You can download the ATLauncher here:

***Modded SMP Members***
Cheddar Mac:
The Lego Cantina:

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****Modded Minecraft Server Info****
Our modded server runs the Modsauce mod pack! It is a private SMP server and we do not accept applications or requests to join the server. It is an invite only server so that we can keep drama out and stay having a good time!