MineSworn Survival – MINECRAFT – Episode #1 “Mining and Tech Issues”

Uhggg… Some nice audio issues. What a great way to start out the new year! Sorry about any sort of technical issues this video presents. I don’t really talk about much, so enjoy the overly-loud background music. haha. This server is awesome, you’re crazy not to check it out. Also guys, this is my 200th video! In honor of that, I’m going to try to film and upload everyday in 2014. This server will be covered a lot of those days in 2014.
IP: Server.Minesworn.com:25565
A little bit about the server, Minesworn is the extreme PVP/Faction server. Containing guns, airships, explosions, massive raiding and more! The videos that I post serve it no justice. With a massive map, diverse factions and astonishing plugins, it redefines minecraft in any aspect. I DEEPLY suggest you all check it out. There is no better survival, factions or PVP server on the planet.