Minecraft Turf Wars: “Attention Seekers and New Twitter” (Commentary #5)

The topic today is Attention Seekers:

We all have to deal with attention whores or deal with attention seekers sooner or later. But here’s just a little rant I made about them!

The gameplay is Turf Wars on Mineplex:
Defend your turf! The more kills your team gets, the further it pushes your opponents turf back! The one who runs out of their turf loses! In Minecraft Turf Wars, two teams must build and proceed to fight to the death in an arena by either swording or bowing the opposing team, depending on the class chosen. A team will cover more terrain as it gets more player kills, and the first team to cover the entire arena wins.

IP: us.mineplex.com

Outro Song: Ivan B- She Gotta Stay
Ivan B: bit.ly/T06FLq

Get Partnered:www.freedom.tm/via/akirbs80
Twitter: bit.ly/RNchYm
Facebook: bit.ly/RNcfzB
Instagram: bit.ly/1koxZwU
Google Plus: bit.ly/1koxZwW
Tumblr: bit.ly/1np7bfo
Minecraft Server: mc.swimmingbirdserver.com

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