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Ducky Panel Episode 4!

The Ducky Panel… Where All The Drama, News & Entertainment Of Minecraft Come To Light.

Remember Back To Episode 1, Where We Spoke About All These Defamatory Allegations Made Towards DjCharlie81 From A Mr Ipaddos Of The InkedEye Pixelmon Server…? Not Just Him, BUT Several Of His Staff, Players & Members.
Allegations Of Hacking, D Dossing…. Accusations That Could Quite Possibly Boarder Now On “Bullying”, Which The WORLD Knows How “Frowned Upon” Bullying Is World Wide.
Information Has Come To Light… Breaking News If You Will…. Screen Shot Evidence Of Ipaddos Asking DjCharlie81 To Hack, D Doss, “Put Down” Several Players, Staff And Innocent Peoples Computers, Social Media Accounts… The Works. Whatever Ipaddos Apparently Didn’t Like, Whatever “annoyed” Him…. Here In This Episode We See How Many Times He Requests These Actions To Be Carried Forward.
Disgusting Behaviour From Someone Who Is SUPPOSED TO Think Of His Members, Staff & Players First & Formost…. Yet, He’s Trying To Hack Into Their Personal & Private Files.
See For Yourself In This MASSIVELY REVEALING Episode Of The Ducky Panel.

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