Minecraft: MHC June 2014 Day 1 w/ SurDaft: Team Powerpuff Boys :D

Hey guys! Austin here with episode 1 of June’s MHC! This month, I am joined by my friend Butters! The challenge this month is to find and marry a witch and build a house for us and our new spouses πŸ™‚

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●World Properties:
1. Large Biome
2. Seed J
3. Hardcore difficulty
4. Latest MC version (1.7.9 or snapshot)
●Special Rules:
1. Marry a Witch, build a home for her in the mushroom biome.
2. Day one must be spent chopping trees, after that, we cannot return to the forest
●Standard MHC Rules:
1. No sleeping in beds
2. Replace passive mobs before killing one
3. Everything on-camera
4. No AFK

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