Minecraft EULA, Snapshots & PARTY! – Minecraft Show #157

Minecraft Monday Show has upgraded! Will have improved audio next week and set work updated 😀 ENJOY!

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Minecraft News:
● Soldier in Afghanistan Build: bit.ly/1oBPFUe
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● Stop Motion: bit.ly/1pMDk3M
● “Craft With Me”: bit.ly/UWS6su
● Quest for Adventure: bit.ly/1v2uhAf

Awesome Minecraft Builds:
● Iduna – Angelic City: bit.ly/1s5BtG7
● Hearthveil – Lost in Thought: bit.ly/1zNXy0r
● A Foolish nightmare: bit.ly/1pzgImm
● Hydrata: bit.ly/1kicwrQ
● the Symphony of Dreams: bit.ly/1sncOiq

Minecraft Mods:
● Pocket Edition!: bit.ly/1AP5boK

Minecraft Seed: 202961

Minecraft Skins:
● Tobor The Mega Robot: bit.ly/1seiDid
● Above the Clouds Participant: bit.ly/1qQNCCE
● Vintage Roses: bit.ly/1pwErU7
● When Pigs Fly: bit.ly/1oi3BBO
● Starlord: bit.ly/1lllqjB

All music used with full permission and can be found here:
♪ Diamonds To you Intro: bit.ly/1olvONy
♪ The McM Show Intro/Outtro: bit.ly/HGpvhm
♪ Cruiser by Slangor: bit.ly/1jCntUg