Minecraft Attack Of The B-Team WolfPride Server Season 2 Episode 2: Murder Most Foul!

There’s a storm coming ….

Make sure to check out WildMN’s Perspective on his channel linked below 🙂

Attack Of The B Team is an amazingly crazy & heavily modded pack for Minecraft, The link to download is below with other links you should defo check out 🙂


Admiral Lemon: bit.ly/RI9n7d
EroseGo: bit.ly/RI9lvW
Mrvdg: bit.ly/1oAmWE0
JasonTheNicest: bit.ly/RI9lw5
Phreekbird: bit.ly/1oAmWE4
PmsProxy: bit.ly/RI9nnF
Cubulous: bit.ly/1oAmXI9
WildMN: bit.ly/1oAmWEa
Oboyyy: bit.ly/RI9nDZ
CthulhuToo: bit.ly/1oAmXIi
StevieJc & Lei: bit.ly/RI9lMn
Bgret – bit.ly/RI9lMr
Menoetuis – bit.ly/1oAmXYI
JordanDYS: bit.ly/RI9nEc
Imtheship574 bit.ly/RI9oI1

Redditt: bit.ly/1oAmWUB

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You can download this mod pack and more from bit.ly/1oAmWUI

For the first 2 episodes for now please go to my other channel: bit.ly/RI9oIc

This is a white listed server and we are not currently taking applications ….