Minecraft 1.8 is out! The Bountiful/Mapmaker Update Recap!

Hello Miners and Crafters!

Finally, after about 300 days, a massive update has been released. Come and see what’s new and see how to craft it!
Big thanks to Mojang Team!

Check out my other videos. Also a full list of changes and some useful links below.

Water Monument – bit.ly/1rsiAem

Sever Hosting : bit.ly/1i4fsah
Donate Here (Paypal) – bit.ly/1i4fv5J
TetraFirmaCraft PermaDeath – bit.ly/1o2nkvR
FTB Horizons – bit.ly/1mmS0Ur
Let’s Play Mindcrack – bit.ly/1i4fv5N
Hexxit Adventure – bit.ly/1i4fsqG
Starbound Tutorial/Gameplay – bit.ly/1i4fsH2
Industrial Single Player – bit.ly/1i4fv5Z
Unminers Server Series – bit.ly/1i4fsH6

FULL LIST OF UPDATES – bit.ly/1rsiAeu
Mojang Website – bit.ly/1m2vFgO
Buy Minecraft – bit.ly/1oQqEqy