Hardcore Season 2 – Episode 1 – Starting Over

Welcome back for season 2 of Ickabod’s Hardcore Adventure. This time we’re taking on a normal world in my quest to kill the Ender Dragon and a Wither.

Seed = 144064513611521680

For fun, I am running a little contest this time around. After going to Minecon 2013 I have an xbox 360 cape I’m never going to use so I decided that I’m going to give it away, details in the video.

Huge thanks to Rene for the added animation, he’s a cool guy, go check him out www.youtube.com/channel/UC-DMxU9BVl0tZwUKcdfjFUw

Have you checked out the Frost Fire series or the other people making those videos?

Personal rules for the series:
1) All structures must be built above ground (unless it’s a mob trap located at a spawner)
2) No strip mining for ore. I’ll do some rock mining, but nothing below sea level.