{Easy} How to install Forge and Optifin with other Mods 1.7.9+ ATLauncher

Easy way on how to install Optifin and Forge together and add in the mods you want.

If you have any questions please leave a comment with your questions and I will do my best to answer it.

1. go to and down load the ATLauncher.
2. Put the ATLauncher in it’s own folder (Name it
what every you want, I named it ATL).
3. Start ATL inside the folder that you created, click on “Account” and log in with your Minecraft account like normal.
4. Click on “Packs” and look for the “Vanilla Minecraft” pack.
5. Click on “New Instance” pick the version of Minecraft you want (I picked 1.6.4 you can pick anything you want). Click install
6. Select the mods that you want (I picked Optifin Ultra and Forge). Click “Start”.
7. During the installation of the mods, it will stop and take you to an ad.fly sit to down load any required mods.
8. Download the mods that it ask from you and save them in you Downloads folder that ATL created.
9. Lunch the pack once before adding any mods so it can create the files needed.
10. After starting the pack once quit Minecraft and the ATL will reopen again. When the launcher opens back up click “Instances” go to the pack you created and click “Open Folder”
11. Double click on mods to open the folder and drag the mods you want in to the folder.
12. Give you self a hand for creating you own pack with Optifin and Forge.

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