Drakkarts redstone lab : Minecraft: Skeleton / Zombie XP farm, in-depth and interactive tutorial

This in depth tutorial covers all the knowledge required on how to build a very efficient skeleton or zombie 1hit kill xp farm out of a spawner. The xp farm design provides a very consitent stream of 1 hit kill mobs. The tutorial took into account you may have just started in a survival world and this might be the first farm you are going to build so you may not have the huge ressources but still want a really well made xp farm. Regarding the gathered experience it is a very efficient design though not compareable to more advanced farms. Knowing how to build such a thing is priceless because you will always come back for the items even if way more xp farms should already be available..

worldfile download: bit.ly/1fCsXbt

Music used: “Afterlife City” by Machinimasound.com
Licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY 3.0 Unported License | machinimasound.com/license