UHC Highlights : Episode 37 – Magic Tree House

I’m finally working on a schedule and this is the first video that I have actually scheduled in a long time! I’m hoping to get some spikes in subscribers to pass Dibzcraft, so enjoy the video and consider being an EarthQuake!

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►This is a series featuring highlights from individual games of UHC. Playing in this gamemode changes features, as you don’t regenerate health and all healing items take more material to get. The objective is to be the last man standing, although PvP is essential to taking the throne.

►In a free-for-all hosted by Brandon, we start off the game with some trouble but rebound, meeting a trusty stead and building a tree house! Before you ask, it wasn’t considered a fort! Check out the reddit link to get into a match!

►Match Info:
¤ Match – Brandon’s #1
¤ Host – BrandonTVineyard
¤ Date – 9/14/13
¤ Gametype – FFA w/ Allies
¤ Thread – www.reddit.com/r/ultrahardcore/comments/1mckwa/sep_14_0200_utc_brandons_impromptu_1_ffa_wone_ally/

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►Featured UHC Video – “Minecraft: UHC Highlights – Episode 1: Get Rekt!” by Sirance

►Intro Music – “Stories Can Wait VIP” by Submatik ft. Astrid Destuyver
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►Background Music- “Battle Wounds” by Marc Dtwo
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►Background Music- “808s And Bass” by Sinc
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