Some shit with ‘Theme Park Servers’ MINECRAFT (Part 3)

So, I really don’t like making videos like this, but it appears as if I have to…. Minecraft should be fun without any sort of drama. The kind folk over at McAttractions disagree with that statement after the way they talked to the owners of 3 other Theme Park servers when we tried to handle a situation diplomatically. McAttractions was accused of stealing ideas, copying maps, and stealing a resource pack. All of which, there is proof behind. Their response to being called to take action on behalf of this was nothing short of childish. Saying that they’re the most professional server, that mcparks is a money scam and that themecraft is full of pricks. This type of behavior is no way for a PUBLIC , “Family Friendly” server to be acting. Children play on all of the theme park servers and my personal goal is to keep them all safe. When people begin to fight and bonds break, things can become hostile and unsafe for any user on any server. This issue is proven true due to the recent firings of McMagic CMs because they are friends with people who are no longer on the staff. If you’re reading this, thank you. haha. Thanks for watching and thank you for reading, please feel free to comment your opinion on the entire situation down below. Have an awesome Thursday and I’ll see you guys next time!